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Vega Norte albillo criollo dry white
Considered one of the best Albillos from La Palma and hence from the Canary Islands, its bouquet has fine
aromas …
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Vega Norte

A wine that speaks of quality, style, and a certain change of tendency. It smells great, very interesting on account of the red fruit…
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Vega Norte X
red wine

Here the “Prieto” is important because it demonstrates the local viticulturist’s knowledge in planting them at the highest point…
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Vega Norte
‘tea wine’

Traditional mountain wine. It’s not for us to judge whether its very pronounced pine-tree aftertaste are more or less pleasant…
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The Vega Norte winery complex is adapted to its purposes: a production nave with great steel containers, halls for aging in the barrel, offices, and shops. Touring the area where the grapes come from, the landscape of the vineyards, is anything but “normal.” There is no flat terrain to cultivate, quite the contrary, it is another example of noble viticulture on narrow rows or terraces, difficult to work, shaped amid vistas of steep mountains and deep ravines at such high altitudes (between 800 and 1,500 meters) that they, sometimes, blend in with the pine grove.

The winery’s interior, with a capacity of 975,000 liters.
Fifty viticulturists from this northeastern district of La Palma (formed by the municipalities Tijarafe, Puntagorda, and Garafia) founded the winery in 1998, with the first vintage in 1999. Since then, the number of associates has been increasing along with production, which adds up to hundreds of thousands kilograms of grapes that are cultivated in low plantation systems, on volcanic, very developed, and fertile soils that mark the wine with a special character. The varieties are the traditional ones from the island, adapted to the area, such as the red Negramoll, Listán Prieto and Almuñeco, or the white Listán and Albillo.

The vines grow in narrow rows shaped by the mountains.
The range of wines under the Vega Norte label – all of them with the Denomination of Origin La Palma – is very broad (and the Acertijo label has to be added for the wines that carry the Protected Denomination of Origin Islas Canarias) and includes unique and exclusive wines from the area, whose originality and singularity they reflect, for example, ‘tea wine’, so called because centuries ago the barrels were made from old Canary pine trees (‘tea’), which provided the most accessible wood to local coopers, possesses very peculiar characteristics, both on the nose and on the palate, on account of the subtle infusion of pine tree resin and the fact that the wine remains only 15 days in the single surviving barrel they have from this wood, which is now 200 years old.

SAT Bodegas del Noroeste de La Palma
Bellido Alto s/n, 38780 Tijarafe (La Palma), Islas Canarias (España)

Phone number: (34) 922 491 075
Email: administracion@vinosveganorte.com
Home page: www.vinosveganorte.com

● Capacity: 975,000 liters.
● Average production: 400,000 bottles/year.
● Exportation: Spanish Peninsula and Germany

♠ Visits by appointment and, depending on availability, also walk-ins.
♣ There is a shop.

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Vega Norte albillo criollo dry white