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Señorío de Agüimes
dry white

A remarkable artisanal creation, which, through the careful sorting of the scarce grapes and the good offices of supportive neighbors, results in a very intriguing wine …
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Arrival of the grapes at the local winery Señorío de Agüimes.
This winery is the result of a unique project launched by the city government of Agüimes, arising from its concern that inhabitants might abandon the town center and the primary sector in order to relocate along the more glamorous coast, which constitutes the industrial and leisure centers of the region, and which has enjoyed rapid growth and development. “We saw that we had to find alternatives, so we created a plan to rescue and preserve the architectural, archaeological, natural, and landscape patrimony, as well as the primary sector,” explains mayor Antonio Morales. As a part of this comprehensive strategy, the town determined that it “had to return to strengths that have existed for centuries and survived modestly among some inhabitants who still had their vines: why not produce a wine that is appealing to our farmers and in which they can take pride?”

Antonio Morales:
“It had to return to strengths that have existed for centuries and survived modestly among some inhabitants who still had their vines”

The winery building also accommodates the local mill and a restaurant.
That is how the Señorío de Agüimes brand was born. At the beginning, the wines were processed through an existing winery while the town gradually equipped itself with the necessary infrastructure. “We started out with eleven farmers who were enthusiastic about the project. We hired an oenologist, and finally we arrived where we wanted to be, and that reinforced our initial enthusiasm. Then we went one step further: we campaigned for a tourism revitalization program sponsored by the Ministry (we were the first region of the Canary Islands to receive it) that included the restoration of the historical center of the town (cobbling the streets and renewing the facades) and the construction of a mill and a winery.”

The building already existed; it was an old pastor’s house that the city bought and rehabilitated, turning it into a restaurant, a mill to process the farmers’ olives into virgin olive oil, and a winery that produces a dry white from Moscatel, Listán Blanco and some Malvasia grapes, and a young red from Listán Negra, Negra Común and Tintilla grapes.

Turismo Rural SL
Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez s/n, 35260 Agüimes (Gran Canaria), Islas Canarias (España)

Teléfono: (34) 928 789 980 (extensión 303)
Email: ad.rural@aguimes.es
Homepage: www.aguimes.es

● Capacity: 10,000 liters.
● Average production: 4,000 bottles/year.
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