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Los Perdomos
semi-dry white

As original as it gets. On the entire archipelago there is no other formula that combines varietals the same way…
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Los Perdomos
Moscatel sweet fortified wine

One of Lanzarote’s best Moscatels, it is the result of thorough viticulture work with good Moscatel grapes from the region of Masdache…
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The story of this winery kicks off in 1995, when Francisco Perdomo and an oenologist from the Teguise agro-industrial complex decided to partner up for this project and founded Bodegas Reymar. Perdomo had already worked for Bodegas El Grifo while he was studying for his diploma of agricultural expertise in the city of La Laguna, and after graduating he was hired as a field technician by the Regulating Council of the Denomination of Origin.

Even though the wine region La Geria is better known, a large proportion of Lanzarote’s Malvasia grape comes from Tinajo.
The beginning of the winery was tough. They only disposed of a few stain containers with a capacity of 40,000 liters (half of them not their own), a small piece of cooling equipment, and a manual press in a small house in front of Los Dolores Hermitage, in Mancha Blanca. Since 1997, Francisco is handling the winery by himself, although he can count on his brothers’ help, and changed the brand’s name to Los Perdomos. “It took us twelve years to be able to make a living from this,” he confesses.
Destemmed grapes on their way to the press on an endless conveyor belt.

Francisco Perdomo:
“We made a dry Moscatel by accident. We sent the wine to the regional competition La Alhóndiga and it won the gold medal!”

By the way, during the winery’s first year an incident that would mark the successful product line of Reymar took place. Francisco laughs about it remembering: “We made a dry Moscatel by accident, because our supplier was supposed to bring Malvasia grape but brought Moscatel instead. In that year of 1995 the grape supply was rather short so we did not throw away the grapes and, therefore, decided to make a dry white with Moscatel grapes that were even a bit green, because the cutting season had not begun yet and it had not reached the 11,5 degrees [of maturation]. We sent the wine to the regional competition La Alhóndiga and it won the gold medal!”

Since then, they have continued to produce this Moscatel and it is one of Bodegas Reymar’s trademarks, although in the years in which they get enough of the Diego variety, they produce the dry Moscatel mixing both grapes in equal proportion. In either case, 75% of their production continues to be from dry Malvasia.

Francisco Perdomo harvesting grapes.

Bodegas Reymar SL
Plaza Virgen de los Dolores 19 (Mancha Blanca), 35560 Tinajo (Lanzarote)

● Capacity: 75,000 liters.
● Average production: 80,000 bottles/year.
Phone number: (34) 928 840 737
Cell phone: (34) 649 993 096
Email: reymarlosperdomos@gmail.com
Homepage: www.bodegasreymar.com
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