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El Grifo
Malvasia Collection

It is the wine that has placed this winery among the leaders of quality white wines from Lanzarote…
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El Grifo Reserva Familiar aged red wine
Without a doubt, this is one of the great red wines that is manufactured in the Canary Islands…
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El Grifo
Ariana red

Its intense and lively color with an almost burgundy tonality is surprising. The nose gives off minerality…
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El Grifo Canari solera sweet wine
One of the great wines from the Canary Islands! It is similar in style to the old and famous Canary wines …
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One of the ten oldest wineries of Spain (1775), the current owners (the brothers Juan José y Fermín Otamendi Rodríguez-Bethencourt) launched a decisive enterprise policy within the last few years in order to reinforce the quality of their wines. The success of this path is embodied by the great international recognition that, only in 2014 – the year of this book’s publication – has led to being awarded twelve gold, ten silver and one bronze medal in nine of the most prestigious international competitions.

El enólogo Tomás Mesa, en el hoyo de una parra centenaria de uva moscatel./ Foto T. GONÇALVES
The oenologist Tomás Mesa in the hollow of a centenary vine of the Muscat grape.

The current ownership is the fifth generation of the same family who is at the management of the winery, and has been responsible for its relaunch from 1982 on. Their ancestors bought the winery from the García Durán family in 1880. Their grandfather, Fermín Rodríguez Bethencourt, popularized on the island in the 1930s important innovations as far as modern vinification is concerned: among other things, it pioneered in bottling and he had small tanks made covered with glass tiles (from Belgium) that substituted the wooden containers during the fermentation and conservation of the wine.

Their grandfather, Fermín Rodríguez Bethencourt, popularized on the island in the 1930s important innovations as far as modern vinification

Recepción de la uva durante la vendimia./ Foto T. GONÇALVES
Arrival of the grapes during the harvest.

The first sparkling wines
After converting the old installations into a museum, today there is a new winery made from scratch below the ground with stainless steel tanks and a rigorous temperature control, in addition to aging zones and the manufacturing of sparkling wines (it was the first of the Canary Islands to produce them according to the méthode champenoise).

En el Museo El Grifo, interior de las tanquillas donde se elaboraba el vino en los años 30 del s. XX./ Foto T. GONÇALVES
El Grifo museum, interior of the small tanks in which wine used to be manufactured in the 1930s.

The boost to improve the quality of the wines undertaken in the 21st century –that includes new and surprising productions for an island like Lanzarote– incorporates the collaboration of a multidisciplinary assessment team (such as Nicolas Bernard from the wine department of the University of Montpellier, or the oenologist Xavier Kamio, a true guru of new wines and the winery’s coordinator of research and development).

With this assessment, the El Grifo technical team has determined different criteria for the grape harvesting than those that were performed until then and its treatment in the winery: cooling of the bunches before they are processed, analysis of the conductivity of the must and the possible excess of tannin, lee treatment, use of microoxygenation and protection from oxygen with carbonic anhydride in inert containers, cooling equipment, etc.

El Grifo SA
Carretera LZ-30, km 11, 35550 San Bartolomé (Lanzarote), Islas Canarias (España)

Phone number: (34) 928 524 036
Email: malvasia@elgrifo.com
Homepage: www.elgrifo.com

● Capacity: 1.200.000 liters.
● Average production: 500.000 bottles/year.
● Exportation: Spanish peninsula, Germany, France, Poland, Canada.

♠ Open to the public from 10:30am to 6pm. Entrance fee according to visiting option (minimum amount 4€).
♣ There is a museum, a shop, a bar and a tasting lounge.
♥ Activities: Piano recitals and an exhibition hall.

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