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Contiempo Vidueños
dry white

A wine made without Listán, which might not be so unusual nowadays, but was innovative when they pioneered it, as its numerous awards testify…
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Contiempo Malvasia
Limited Edition

Though not currently on the market, this wine earned mention here because of the course of its development, its history, and the fact that it is highly topical…
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Two estates of five and six hectares, located in the municipalities of Güímar and Arafo, that years ago used to be the major dessert grape producers of the island (El Natero and La Hidalga), have been cultivated with the typical grape varieties of the Canary Islands by two entrepreneurs: economist Rodrigo Mesa and agricultural engineer Jorge Zerolo. And that is where they built a nursery in which they have carried out extensive research on their grapes.

Jorge Zerolo and Rodrigo Mesa, the creators of the Contiempo wines.
“Homonymy can lead to the disappearance of a variety, because people assume that the same name means the same grape. But the Albillo grape from Monte Lentiscal in Gran Canaria, for example, is completely different to the Albillo Criollo and the Albillo Forastera from La Palma, and the latter, in turn, is similar to the Forastera Gomera,” explains Zerolo.

Sundial in the winery building.
But Rodrigo and Jorge have not only researched and made their nursery available to other vintners, but have also “cultivated ungrafted unique varieties, rescued from the traditional Canary viticulture. Our terroir, the great Valle de Güímar, nourishes the vines with its rich in mineral ash volcanic soil.”

Arca de Vitis’s vineyards in Valle de Güímar.

Jorge Zerolo y Rodrigo Mesa, vintners:
“Our terroir, the great Valle de Güímar, nourishes the vines with its rich in mineral ash volcanic soil”

Of course, their effort and dedication have resulted in even more: since 2003 they have been making their own wine with a range that stands out because of its personality and quality, admittedly trying to “surprise wine lovers” with very special creations, using Malvasia grapes, grape combinations (Marmajuelo, Moscatel, Verdello, Gual), Listán Negro, or Verijadiego Negro, which doesn’t mean that they don’t also make wines and experiment with varieties that are less traditional on the Island, such as Syrah, Tempranillo, or Merlot.

Arca de Vitis SL
Calle Chinguaro 26, 38500 Güímar (Tenerife), Islas Canarias (España)

Phone: (34) 922 512 552
Email: bodega@vinocontiempo.com
Homepage: www.vinocontiempo.com

● Capacity: 50,000 liters.
● Average production: 30,000 bottles/year.
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