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● An unusual Moscatel style in Lanzarote, where it is more common to first dry the grapes to make raisins and then manufacture the wine …

● Sorted from the best Malvasias of the winery that are manipulated in stainless steel and wood containers over their own lees lees in order …

● One of Lanzarote’s best Moscatels, it is the result of thorough viticulture work with good Moscatel grapes from the region of Masdache

● As original as it gets. On the entire archipelago there is no other formula that combines varietals the same way

● It is one of the few wines that is bottled in the northern part of the Island, even though, theoretically, the area is “unfit” …

● One of the great wines from the Canary Islands! It is similar in style to the old and famous Canary wines

● Its intense and lively color with an almost burgundy tonality is surprising. The nose gives off minerality

● Without a doubt, this is one of the great red wines that is manufactured in the Canary Islands

● It is the wine that has placed this winery among the leaders of quality white wines from Lanzarote

● One of biggest editions of sparkling wines from the Canary Islands from a grape that is characteristic to the islands

● Another jewel of the wineries from Lanzarote are the sweet wines. The climate works in his favor under ideal circumstances

● With this minority variety, new forms of work in the elaboration of white wines are created on the island

● The story of this wine is the modern history of the wine from Lanzarote. A wine that marked a rebirth in the way the …