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from La Palma

● Traditional mountain wine. It’s not for us to judge whether its very pronounced pine-tree aftertaste are more or less pleasant

● Here the “Prieto” is important because it demonstrates the local viticulturist’s knowledge in planting them at the highest point

● A wine that speaks of quality, style, and a certain change of tendency. It smells great, very interesting on account of the red fruit

● Considered one of the best Albillos from La Palma and hence from the Canary Islands, its bouquet has fine aromas

● It as a Malvasia liqueur and not because of its alcohol content or excessive sweetness, but because of the sensation of a well-stored wine

● A wine that usually doesn’t reach the market for five years after its production and the longer you wait, the more balanced it becomes

● You must visit the Llanos Negros area! This wine should include a roundtrip ticket to show its entire splendor

● A jewel. Another wine that is made from a unique combination of these two grapes. The nuances of honey, rosemary

● Not very well known, a unique wine, the result of the proper use of the climatic conditions of the area, that communicates the volcanic …

●Very attractive intense and brilliant yellow, it has the soul of a Malvasia from the first smell

● A jewel that reflects Juan Matías’s legacy: a production that respects his traditional style. The grapes are still stomped in the old press, after …

● The most common variety of La Palma’s reds is famous for its lack of color, even though lately that a virtue as well as …

● A wine that has a soul and which has captivated the national and international market to an extent that it is hardly seen on …

● Try it if you want to taste a quite different Listán (knowing that “different” doesn’t always please everyone)

● The natural evolution of this variety which vintners are using more and more. We like the delicate wooden flavor

● Wrapped in a mystique of scarcity and legend, this brand’s product is superior to any other and El Níspero is a synonym for quality

● It shows, once again, that the best wines come from unique vineyards. It is very intense and intoxicating, with aromas of fruit such as …