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from Canary Islands

● It makes you fall in love with its bouquet and makes you expect that there will be even more. Licorice, vanilla, red fruit, cinnamon

● If we gather the great virtues of several varietals together in a single wine, greater complexity, flavor, and originality can be achieved

● It is always a pleasure to find a good varietal of Baboso. This is one of the freshest we can recall, and it smells …

● An interesting wine that provides the market with a product line that represents the archipelago’s general character. It has very fine aromas

● Iconic wine that belongs to the entire archipelago, not only because of its unquestionable quality, but also because it helped to promote the wines …

● This Listán Blanco is admirably consistent, with a very marked Monje character! On the palate, it is textbook-quality, with a well-crafted density