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Brumas de Ayosa
semi-dry white

Made to simply enjoy it, assuming that when it comes to wine there is not just one style, it has opened the doors to many future consumers…
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Brumas de Ayosa
semi-dry sparkling

It is the product the winery is proudest of. It received various international awards and it was the first sparkling wine made from Listán blanco in the world…
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Brumas de Ayosa
sparkling aged

Its main virtue is on the palate, where it presumes of a fine bubble. It is tasteful, almost saline, and goes very well with fish or nuts…
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The origin of the present-day regional winery of Tenerife’s Valle de Güímar goes back to the decision of fifteen viticulturists from the valley to join forces and create, in 1989, an agrarian transformation society. They rented a venue to make their first wines until in 1996 the building that accommodates the winery today in the township of Arafo was finished. In that year they were already 95 members and their production amounted to 70.000 bottles of white, red and rosé, protected with the DO Valle de Güímar.
They kept augmenting the number of members by incorporating many other viticulturists, expanding their production and presenting attractive new products to the market. Their social commitment includes also sustaining agrarian sceneries of great beauty and traditions, which overlap and integrate in the natural landscape.

Grape harvesters at Las Veredas, in the Chacaica district.
The grape that is used at this winery is harvested from 150 meters above sea level up to 1.500 meters close to the peaks. Evidently, the one that matures first, at the beginning of August, is the one closer to the sea, whereas the one that grows highest is still being harvested at the beginning of October.

After a first test run of only 40 bottles, the results were so good that the winery became one of the pioneers of sparkling wines on the Canary Islands

This time lapse in maturation also entails diverse qualities of the grape, which, depending on the variety, performs better or worse in different altitudes. Therefore, a range of wines, according to the grape and its altitude, has to be created in order to obtain best results. That is how the idea to produce sparkling wine came up, tells us the technical director of the winery, Domingo Delgado. “There was a large gap as far as the acidity of Listán blanco was concerned. The grapes from lower areas did not have the necessary parameters for a good white wine, while the ones from higher areas were perfectly balanced.”

Part of the staff at Bodega Comarcal Valle de Güímar.
Nevertheless, the grape from lower elevation that wad harvested early made an ideal grape for sparkling wines. After a first test run of only 40 bottles, the results were so good that the winery became one of the pioneers of this production type on the Canary Islands. Two years later, there were already 3.300 bottle of their sparkling Brut Nature on the market and today they are the archipelago’s main producer with more than 50.000 bottles and three production types: Brut Nature, fruity and Reserva.

The winery has also been the first to present its Semi-dry white wine, “Brumas de Ayosa blanco afrutado,” in a blue bottle. The major success of this commercial initiative led many other wineries in Tenerife to imitate it. Moreover, it has become the bestseller of the brand that also includes dry whites, rosés and reds.

The inside of the winery, with a capacity of 600.000 liters.
SAT Viticultores de la Comarca de Güímar
Carretera Los Loros km 4, 38550 Arafo (Tenerife), Islas Canarias (España)

Phone: (34) 922 51 30 55
Email: comercial@brumasdeayosa.com
Homepage: www.brumasdeayosa.com

● Capacity: 600.000 liters.
● Average production: 200.000 bottles/year.

♠ Open to the public from 9am to 2pm.
♣ There is a shop and a tasting lounge.

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