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The production area with the press and stainless steel containers.

● This wine perfectly embodies the southern maturity and the freshness of an Atlantic Island. The variety that “still has to be labeled”…

Bodegas Tamargada tinto
Red wine from Forastera Gomera grapes
La Gomera Protected Designation of Origin

What this wine tells us
It is worth the trip to Tamargada just to see this exquisitely maintained and decorated winery, to enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace next to the vineyard, and to admire their palm grove. An honest, direct and personal wine that shows its most authentic side in this local variety. It smells clean and frank, mineral, dry, with fruity but not too fruity notes while expressing a noble viticulture and tradition. On the palate, it is full of savor, potent, and reminiscent of an international wine, like the ones we love to talk about in terms of their authenticity and terroir.

Its dancing partner
Excellent with a smoked cheese Almogrote (traditional paté) from La Gomera.

The virtues of this wine reflect Pedro’s expertise at ecological viticulture and Alberto’s in flawless production, exquisitely combining the character of the land and the ingenuity of human craft.

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