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The sparkling Bermejo takes its time on the wine racks.

● One of biggest editions of sparkling wines from the Canary Islands from a grape that is characteristic to the islands

Bermejo Malvasia Brut Nature
Sparkling wine from aromatic Malvasia grape 100%
Lanzarote Protected Designation of Origin

What this wine tells us
One of biggest editions and recognition of sparkling wines from the Canary Islands (although there is no doubt that the sparkling wines from the Canary Island still have a long way to go) that provides an effervescent quality product to the market, from a grape that is characteristic to the islands and already has its space at receptions and events. It has a fine bubble with a strong initial burst. Aromatically it leaves traces of its yeast that are reminiscent of fresh bread, as well as slight citric notes and freshly cut grass. On the palate its carbonic presence can be appreciated, along with its fresh acidity. It has to be served at a cool temperature (around 6 or 7 degrees Celsius) to be fully enjoyed. Some storage serves well to finish it up and refine it, given that it has the right characteristics.

Its dancing partner
It is a must with a cooked seafood appetizer.

The sparkling Bermejo with more than 18 months of stacking and from the vintage of 2010, was recognized by Robert Parker (one of the most influential wine critics of the world) with 92 points in one of his publications.

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